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YOOFIN is a Japanese food company that has a deep appreciation for Japanese cuisine.

Our mission is to "EXPAND DELICIOUSNESS IN AFRICA." We are passionate about the delicious, healthy, diverse, and ​sustainable food culture in Japan, and we aim to share this beloved culinary tradition with Ghana and all of Africa.

Japanese Rolled Omelette Tamagoyaki
Karaage. Typical Japanese fried chicken.

japanese restaurant

We serve Japanese fried chicken and other Japanese meals using our own eggs. Our restaurant is a Japanese style chop bar called "izakaya" that is spot to grab a drink, settle in, and get comfortable with your friends, family, and loved ones.Please enjoy a happy time with them over a Japanese food experience.



It's an egg just harvested this morning, sent directly from a farmer.Please enjoy the fresh, gentle sweetness and richness of the chickens that have grown freely in cage free farm. And actively increase employment of women in rural areas.

Chicken Egg
the hens in the chicken coop went out for a walk and watched in amazement
Fresh Carrots in Closeup

farm fresh

(today's morning laid)


vegetable feeding

& pure water

OUr team

Kento Sekine


After working at Michelin star restaurant “Le sputnik” in Tokyo Japan, he founded a food startup company in Japan. Selected by Forbes "30 Under 30 change the world".

Amos Kwao

General Manager

He has experience in sales and management at "Dominion Plus",

a microfinance company in Ghana.

He loves Japanese green tea.

Michiyo Firdaus

Sustainability Manager

After studying biology at the University of Ghana, she worked at a hospital and volunteer as a teacher in Rwanda. She lived in Japan for 8 years.

Moses feyorsey

Head Chef

He worked at Enda foods inn limited and

then as head chef at Noble house restaurant. He is an energetic and supreme chef.

Sumson Fartin

Sous Chef

He worked at Bondai restaurant as a Japanese food chef. He is very dexterous and responsible. He loves Fresh Salmon.

Catherine Stephen

Poultry Farmer

Her "banku" and "okra stew" is the best in Ghana. She is raising two lovely daughters and passionate about the education of them.

our mission




We will share the charms of Japanese food and increase more delicious choices in Africa.

School children in a school near Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya

school meal

We will spread "deliciousness" through nutritious meals for orphanage and school children in rural areas.

Friendly African American Waitress


Through employment creation,

we will increase delicious and healthy lifestyles.


It all started with a small food stall.

Yoofin is a JAPANESE DELICIOUS COMPANY founded on Friday in 2021 in Accra, Ghana by Japanese founder Kento Sekine Kwabena. I like to increase "deliciousness". To increase more delicious food to Ghana and more happy moments around meals, I founded Yoofin. I came here alone from Japan and started selling Japanese fried chicken at a small food stall in Lapaz, a local area in Ghana. In the blistering heat of the sun, I was frying hot fried chicken and selling it to people on the street.

Yoofin's mission is to Expand Deliciousness in Africa. Through this, we hope to make many people lively in body and mind. From a small food stall, we'll be Africa's leading food company!!

Cheers scene at a drinking party

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